We Buy Houses in Dallas Companies – Should You Trust Them?

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If you’ve been driving around in Dallas, I bet you’ve seen bandit signs or other advertising from companies that buy houses.

They sometimes say things like “We Buy Dallas Houses!” or “Cash 4 Houses”.

Should You Trust These “We Buy Houses in Dallas Companies?”

How do I know if the local house buying companies in Dallas can even be trusted.

The confusing thing about it is that a lot of these companies look alike and might be able to fool you into thinking that they can help you. Not true! Below we’ll talk about some of the things that you should look for in a company that buy houses in Dallas TX.

Trustworthy house buying companies are doing a very commendable thing. They help communities and house sellers in many ways. But, just like in any other industry, there are a handful of bad actors that can make everyone else look bad.

On the flip side of the coin, there are some really great, honest, and ethical companies that truly care about helping you sell your house fast for a fair price.

And then there’s shady, dishonest people who put money ahead their clients and who would sign the do anything you can imagine for a quick buck.

They DO exist.

But let’s not focus on these bad guys for now.

First, let’s cover exactly what the best house buying companies are doing.

What Reputable Dallas House Buyers Are Doing

  • Helping people get cash for their houses fast. People often need the cash in their house to cover unexpected medical expenses, or so they can move. We can help you out immediately so you can move on.
  • Helping sellers sell their houses quickly without the stress of having to list it with a real estate agent and a long time for the house to be sold.
  • Creating local jobs. We hire, contractors, electricians, title reps, loan officers, and many other people when we do what we do. The average real estate transaction involves 86 people from beginning to end. Our investments help create real jobs for people around Dallas TX.
  • Buying US products. We spend our money on goods that are made right here in the USA.  The US economy depends the sale of good purchased by companies like ours.
  • Increasing the value of the Dallas  area. When we renovate a house, we’re helping to increase the value of the entire neighborhood. We often repair abandoned and neglected houses, thus adding value back into the community.
  • Increasing the tax base. When a new person buys one of our properties, they’ll pay a higher tax rate based on the new and improved value. Those taxes go to pay for our schools, fire, police, libraries, streets and other valuable pieces of infrastructure.  Again, improving our neighborhoods.

Many people think of house-flipping as a get-rich-quick scheme. Sorry folks but this is a business. Every business requires hard work in order to have any type of success. This means that we MUST treat our customers with respect and integrity if we plan to keep our business going strong.

Most of our work is coordinating with people and making sure things happen on time. We have to manage a lot of things going on at once.

So let’s get back to how you can use this information to find out if someone is a credible investor, and not just pulling a house buying scam.

How Make Sure You’re Working With A Trusted Local House Buyer

When you talk with a local house buyer to potentially buy your house… ask good questions below to make sure they’re trustworthy and have integrity.

Ask open-ended questions like:

  • How do you help your clients?
  • Tell me about your process?
  • Can you tell me more about your services?
  • Tell me about the last transaction you completed?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • How can I know that you’ll close on my house when you say you will?

Second, be on the look out for these signs of shady characters:

  • “Kitchen table closings” – If a property buyer tries to get you to sign the deed (ownership) of your house over to them at your house, a closing attorney’s office or title company, be very careful.  Most reputable house buying services will perform the actual closing of the sale at a title company or other neutral location.
  • Pressuring you into a fast closing – If a house buyer tries to persuade you into selling your house and says that you have to make the decision immediately (today), be careful. Most reputable house buying services will make you an offer that lasts for at least a week before you have to make a decision.  The reason trusted house buying services like ours at APH Homebuyers do place deadlines on our offers is because the market changes and home values can change week to week depending on other sales in the area. Plus, we buy multiple houses every month and when we make you an offer we’re tying up cash so we can close on your schedule.  If you feel the offer isn’t a fit for you, then we’ll use that money to help someone with their home sale.

Most crooks are looking for a quick hit, and not 20 questions.

They will usually try and rush you off the phone if they feel that you are asking too many questions that they can’t answer because they aren’t honest people.

Good investors who run honest and ethical Dallas house buying companies, however, are building businesses based on relationships and looking out of the best interests of the entire community.

So when you’re looking at one of the “we buy houses in Dallas companies,” make it your duty to ask a ton of good questions.

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